best cannabis strains for back pain

Back pain is a common ailment that affects close to 540 million people worldwide according to WebMD analysis. The good news is there is an effective alternative to pharmaceuticals in cannabis and this is increasingly becoming more recognized and recommended by medical professionals. So whether it is chronic back ailment or occasional aches and pains there may be a cannabis strain that can help to relieve the symptoms.

Common Cause and Types of Back Pain

We can say back pain is acute when it lasts for less than 6 weeks while it is chronic if it lasts for over 3 months. It is believed mechanical or simple back pain is the most common type. This means there are no trapped or compressed nerves and the pain is not associated with any serious underlying condition. Everyday wear can cause simple back pain and tear, aging, stress, and poor posture. Slipped discs and trapped nerves are responsible for more serious back pain. Sports-related injuries, trips, slips, and falls are the usual cause of this. When you have pains that run down into the leg, this indicates sciatica. Some underlying conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis can also cause back pain.

How Can Cannabis Help?

Cannabis has been used to cure a wide variety of ailments for centuries. These days there are now solid medical evidence that proves the effectiveness of cannabis in the treatment of some ailments. Cannabis is now more preferred in the treatment of back pain than pharmaceutical pain pills. Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are the key to an effective treatment of back pain. A high THC-Sativa can help to boost your mood and re-energize you if your back pain is linked to depression while CBD-rich cannabis is renowned for relieving physical discomfort and pain. Both of these cannabinoids can help to achieve synergy through a theory referred to as “Entourage Effect”. Using opioid for pain management can make you slip into an opioid addiction. Although cannabis is also addictive, it is certainly not as it is with opioids. More patients are now choosing cannabis to manage their back pain instead.

Best Strains for Back Pain

Here are the best cannabis strains for back pain.


This is a sativa dominant hybrid strain high in CBD. The CBD level can range from 16 to 24% and THC levels can range from 0.4 to 1.2%. There is hardly a side effect with this strain because of its high CBD levels. It is an amazing painkiller for chronic back pain sufferers.

OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the cannabis strains in the indica dominant category. It has high THC levels that provide a euphoric high which is potent and effective in easing persistent pain and muscle spasms. It has a THC level of 23% and a CBD level of 1%. This cannabis strain is highly effective in treating lower back pain.


This is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with relatively high CBD levels of about 4 to 10%. It is a cross strain between Columbian Gold, Thai, and Swiss Landrance. Because of its high CBD levels, it can help to treat back pain without you experiencing a euphoric high. It is one of the most relaxing and calming strains but it is ideal for use during the day.


This is a hybrid cannabis strain that is a combination of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It has a THC level of up to 29% and a CBD level of 1%. This strain can help to relax the strain in your muscle and relieve the back pain effectively. Headband leaves a positive and long lasting effect on its users.

Bubba Kush

This is also one of the indica dominant cannabis strains. It has approximately 22% THC and about 1% CBD. This strain is believed to have originated from unintended pollination and it is said to be a combination of OG Kush and Northern Lights. It is a psychoactive cannabis strain that helps to relieve stress and reduce muscle tension.

Skywalker OG

This is another indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain and a combination of Skywalker and OG. Skywalker OG is very effective in reducing any symptoms or pain that is associated with chronic back pain. It can also help to reduce any physical restrictions that may result from the pain.

Methods of Cannabis Consumption

You can consume cannabis in three basic methods- oral or sublingual, inhalation, and topical. Each of these methods has their own benefit in treating patients.

  • The absorption rate of cannabis through oral consumption is 5 times higher than inhalation. Therefore, this is the best method of treating chronic back pain. Effects with this method are usually stronger and they last longer but it may take time to provide relief.
  • The sublingual method is an alternative oral method that can give you a faster relief. Smoking or inhaling cannabis can give you a quick relief from back pain but the effects are usually short because of lower absorption rates. However, there are stronger effects from terpenes when you vaporize or smoke cannabis.
  • Topicals include infused lotions, savs, and oils. These are particularly good for joint pain and they work best when applied directly to the inflamed area. Topicals are absorbed twice more than when you inhale cannabis; this means topicals can give you longer pain relief when you apply to the affected area.

Whether you are inhaling, topically applying, or orally consuming these cannabis strains they will all do a good job in helping you to relieve the back pain you may be experiencing. If you have any experience with other cannabis strains not mentioned in this article, please share them in the comment section.