cannabis and arthritis

Arthritis affects 1 in every 6 Canadians. It is a general term used as a catchall for roughly 200 rhematic diseases which can affect a person joints and connective tissues. Symptoms commonly associated with arthritis include inflammation, numbness or tingling, improperly healed injuries and stiffness of the joints.

This debilitating disease prevents sufferers from enjoying live and carrying about their day to day activities. Traditional or prescription painkillers can come with a price as most have side effects. Thankfully there is an alternative solution worth trying and in some cases the grass is certainly greener when considering marijuana for arthritis relief and pain management.

Bayer,Tylenol, and Excedrin are just a few of the names we hear associated with daily pain relief. Yet, since 1942, cannabis has clearly vanished from the books of medicine.  Though various research shows proof of cannabis having medical value,there is an ongoing struggle to get this info to the masses.  Despite the lack of mainstream coverage, various positive results continue to show that the cannabis plant not only contains analgesic but also anti inflammatory properties.   These reasons alone, give much hope to the medical marijuana movement and show that there may be a bit more than just speculation.

cannabis for arthritisOne of the most fascinating things about the studies of pain relief and cannabis is the many different strains of the plant.  The strains vary in effectiveness,psychoactive, and non psychoactive properties.  It has also been noted that cannabis helps the patient benefit by giving them a chance to decrease their intake of prescribed opiates.  Patients also experience less side effects.  Numerous studies show the connection between cannabis not only providing relief but also preventing arthritis’ progression.

The combined effects of T.H.C.(tetrahydrocannabinol) along with the C.B.D.(cannabidiols) make a powerful impact on arthritis patients.  Leaving the patient with an overall body and mental satisfaction.

Below I have listed a few strains that have been noted to be some of the most effective for pain relief and ailment in arthritis.  Some are sativa and indica mixes but most are mainly high indicas.

Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) (THC: 27% / CBD: 1%)

This cannabis strain is an ideal strain for those with arthritis. Being indica-dominant, this strain is highly sedative and can help arthritis sufferers get a good nights rest. It has been popular among patients due to its pain-relieving attributes. It was originally developed in California as a pain-fighting, sleep-inducing strain. Due to its high THC potency up to 27%, users can expect psychoactive effects of full-body relaxation and heavy euphoric effects.

Whether this is your first time hearing of this stuff or 21st, I thank you for acknowledging this topic.  Everyday a new study,new article, and new research takes us closer to the truth and farther from the lies.  Lets take these moments to inspire ourselves to continue learning and seeking the numerous ways of natural ailment and freedom of knowledge.

OG Kush (THC: 24% / CBN: 1%)

This cannabis strain is another that contains some of the highest levels of THC in the world. Its make up is an almost even ration of indica and sativa (55:45). OG Kush has been another effective medical strain for treating arthritis in addition to many other ailments. Users can experience relaxing of both mind and body, an uplifting feeling that ends in couch-lock. It’s sedative qualities can makes OG Kush effective for those suffering from chronic pain.

Blue Dream (THC: 24% / CBD: 2% / CBN: 1%)

Blue dream is easily one of the most popular strains sold on mail order marijuana websites. This sativa-dominant strain provides patients with full-body relaxation with an uplifting feeling. It contains high levels of THC that leaves users sedated which makes ideal for treating pain, insomnia among other ailments. Blue Dream is a hybrid strain that is contains a 60:40 split between sativa and indica.

Blueberry (THC: 24% / CBN: 1%)

This indica-dominant strain has been around since the 1970’s and has won several awards for its quality. Blueberry is perfect for medicating. With its high THC levels up to 24% it has been known as an effective strain for treating pain. This strain is heavily sedating which can creep up on you slowly and leave users with a sense of calmness. Blueberry is a cannabis strain that is perfect for evening/nigh time use.

Sour Diesel (THC: 26% / CBD: 2% / CBN: 4%)

This is mostly a sativa-dominant strain with a 90:10 sativa-indica ratio. Also known as “Sour D” or “Sour Deez”, this hybrid strain is popularly used for medical patients to combat pain. You don’t have to worry about couch-lock due to it’s high sativa content. This strain leaves users invigorated with a sense of euphoria which makes it ideal for day time use.

Jack Herer (THC: 23% / CBN: 1%)

This is one of the most popular strain in the US. It is a sativa strain that contains THC levels as high as 23% which leaves users with a euphoric happy feeling. Jack Herer is ideal for day-time use and has been effective in helping users for both mental and physical ailments such as chronic aches and pains.

Northern Lights (THC: 21%)

This is an award winning strain that is pure indica. It’s THC levels are as high as 21% can help patients seeking relaxation. Northern Lights is useful for medicating and is effective in treating insomnia and pain. A couple puffs of this strain will leave you with a body high and sense of well-being. This strain can be easily found through almost any mail order marijuana websites.