Best Rosin Press: Rosinbomb Rocket vs. Dabpress 6 Ton

The evolution of rosin press technology has evolved from hair straighteners and t-shirt presses to actual rosin press production machines. Although rosin can still be made from normal household materials, there is now a demand for the best rosin press on the market.


More and more companies are growing a competitive rosin press industry. This only means that a lot of products are being manufactured to give out the best quality rosing during extraction. But which product can you trust?


YouTuber, HowToWeed, compares products from two rosin press manufacturers and decides on which is the best rosin press machine. Is it the Rosinbomb Rocket or the Dabpress 6 Ton? Read on to find out.

Which product has a better temperature performance?

A test was made to see which rosin press will first reach a temperature of 190°F. The Rosinbomb Rocket heated up faster than the Dabpress. However, during the pressure and yield tests, the Rosinbomb Rocket didn’t do well in terms of having a consistent temperature. It can’t efficiently maintain the set temperature, even going below it at times.

Which product has a better yield?

Two tests were made to gauge the pressure and yield performance of each rosin press. First, to see the resulting yield from a pressed rosin puck weighing 2 grams followed by a rosin bag with 5g of material.


Pressing 2 grams

The first test was conducted on the Dabpress 6 Ton. A puck weighing 2g was inserted in the press and yielded a rosin weight of 0.27. The same test was done on the Rosinbomb Rocket with a resulting yield of only 0.14. Clearly, the Dabpress 6 Ton performed better in this round.

Pressing 5 grams

The next test involved using a 90 micron rosin press bag. Each bag has 5g of material. The bag was packed using the bottle technique. To do this, simply fold the corners of each side of the bag until you get a cone shape. Once you pack it, the bottom of the bag will be flat, allowing you to do a top-down press.


For this test, the temperature was set at 200°F. The Dabpress 6 Ton was first used to press the material until it was giving off some resistance. Afterward, it was left to warm up for about 30 seconds and was slowly pressed again until it started getting visibly flat. 


After getting warmed up again, a slow increase in pressure was applied until it reached the maximum level. Upon reaching this level, a 90-second timer was engaged. Afterward, the pressure was slowly let up.


Pressing 5 grams on a Dabpress 6 Ton yielded a rosin weight of 0.77. The same procedure was applied on the Rosinbomb Rocket and it only yielded 0.25.

Which is the best rosin press?

One of the most crucial features of a great rosin press is an even distribution of pressure. With that said, the winner is the Dabpress 6 Ton. The Rosinbomb Rocket just can’t deliver enough pressure to produce a better yield. 

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