How we consume marijuana as drastically changed thanks tot the advancement of technology. While smoking cannabis can be tough on the lungs. Creative and innovative engineers have come up with new technology that helps you smoke cannabis without dealing with the negative effects of ingesting smoke. This technological device is known as Vaporizer. There are several different vaporizers on the market today and we will unveil the best portable dry herbs vaporizers available in 2018.

Dry herb vaporizers give users a convenient, clean and healthy ways to enjoy cannabis without any side effects. These devices are very sophisticated, portable and above all cost-effective devices. Due to the high demand of dry herbs vaporizers on the market, there has been an influx of different vaporizers’ brands available. In  this article we are going to provide the top dry herb vaporizers

Firefly 2

Firefly 2 vaporizer is currently the best vape on the market today. It is a popular choice among vapers. As a vaporizer, it is known for its reliability, elegant and functional. It is always ready for use and it has a protective design that makes it not to turn on in your pocket. This vaping device has a mobile app that enables users to customize their temperature from their Smartphone. The heating system itself helps to preserve herbs; this is why it only engages when you take a heat. It is commonly called the iPhone of vaporizers among users.


  • The heat up time is very short, maximum of 4 seconds
  • It has a mobile apps that enables users to customize the function of the vaporizer
  • The body is built with magnesium alloy materials
  • The temperature can be customize to suit users’ need
  • Good touch control system.

AirVape Xs

AirVape Xs vaporizer is a lightweight wallet thin dry herb vaporizer. It is very portable and the heating is precise. This  quality herb vaporizer is designed with a sneak aluminum build base that has a powerful hybrid heating system which heats herbs against the wall of the vaporizer to produce hot air. The reason most users prefer this vaporizer is the fact that it produces clean, comfortable and flavor – rich vapor. It has a simple control interface that enables users to pinpoint the idea temperature for their favorite cloud.  It takes  a maximum of 20 seconds to start vaping.


  • Lightweight aluminum build vaporizer
  • It has a ceramic chamber
  • Heptic feedback
  • It takes an average of 20 seconds to heat
  • The airpath of this vaporizer is isolated.
  • Temperature is very précised.

G-Pen Pro

G-pen pro is a sleek compact vaporizer that produces better herb vapes than most others vaporizers in the same category. The vapor quality is high and it is very easy to use. It is a perfect portable vaporizer that can be used on the go, yet produce an amazing result. You can use it discreetly without anyone noticing it because it is very portable.


  • It heats up very fast
  • It has a compact design, this makes it modern
  • It has a ceramic herb chamber
  • Design with three preset temperatures.
  • Beautifully designed with color coded light display.

Arizer Solo II

The Arizer Solo II is common among users who are connoisseurs. They want the true nature of Vaporization which happens whenever herb is vaporized without any combustion. The vapor production of this vaporizer is excellent and the temperature control is dynamic. One fascinating features of this vaporizer is the fact that the battery is designed to last for a long time. You can use this vaping device to vape for about 3 hours.


  • 30 minutes heat up time.
  • Durable and reliable batter – it can last 3hours of continuous vaping.
  • It has a precise temperature.
  • Glass Airpath
  • LED display.

Arizer Air II

Arizer Air II is another very effective dry herb vaporizer on the market. It has a double battery life than enables users to vape for a long time. It has some similar features with Arizer Solo II but it is more portable and pocket friendly. The unique feature of this vaporizer is the fact that users can explore different vapor profiles by going up and down a few degrees.


  • Arizer Air II heat very fast
  • Unlike other vaporizers, it has double battery life
  • It has an isolated vapor path
  • More pocket friendly design
  • Good glass aroma tubes

Pulsar APX 2

Pulsar APX 2 is a perfect portable herb vaporizer for people with who are passionate about great vapor quality on the go. It is simple and easy to use, this is most users find it fascinating. The vapor flavor is exceptional couple with the draw resistance mouthpiece.


  • It has a big ceramic oven
  • Designed with digital LCD screen
  • It uses USB charging system
  • The battery capacity is 1900mAh
  • Precise temperature control within the range of 140F – 446F
  • It heats very fast

Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer is an eco-friendly vaporizer that is made from natural materials. It is a rechargeable NIMH battery that is slided into the port in the lunch box to start heating your herb. It provides a clean and enough vapor from your dry herb.


  • It is a locally made vaporizers with natural material
  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use
  • It heats up easily
  • Compact design.

FlytLab Lift

FlytLab Lift is another top notch dry herbs vaporizer in the market with a retractable glass mouth piece. It is very portable as it fits perfectly into your grip without giving your pocket much pressure. It is a pen shape like vaporizer that delivers great quality vapors in 25 seconds or less.


  • It has a 10 years limited warranty
  • Easy to control due to its single button control
  • It has a large ceramic chamber
  • It has 3 heat settings.

Yocan Explore

The Yocan Explore vaporizer is a dual compatibility portable vaporizer that enables users to Vape dry herb and wax together. It is easy to control and users can choose temperature of their choice.  It is durable and generates good vapor flavor.


  • It has a very good battery life of about 2600 mAh
  • Precision temperature within the range of 200F – 460F
  • Wax and herb compatible
  • 100 percent ceramic chamber
  • Integrated Stir tool

These reliable and efficient dry herb vaporizers in 2018 can be found right here on Weed List among hundreds of other brands.