Part II of the Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana deals more specifically with what to expect from a first-time experience.  It introduces some terminology and describes how to go about organizing a first experience.  It poses some of the important questions you must ask yourself in order to achieve a satisfying and rewarding marijuana experience and gives important information regarding marijuana quantities and qualities.


If you’ve made the decision to begin smoking, you will need to consider a few important details about your first experience.  It is important that you make good decisions about your first experience because it will likely affect the way you feel about smoking in the future.  There are some important questions to ask yourself which I will cover in this guide.

Who are you going to smoke with?

friends smoking weedFirst experiences are certainly best undertaken in a group.  It is not absolutely necessary that everyone in the group be experienced with marijuana, but it definitely helps to have a veteran to guide you in the right direction.  As I mentioned in Part I, there are a couple different options.

If you have some friends who are regular smokers, they will most likely be more than happy to smoke with you.  Smokers pride themselves in having “started” someone who has never smoked before, so expect a lot of enthusiasm.  A group of experienced smokers will typically “smoke up” or provide marijuana free of charge to a novice smoker, so if these are good friends, you most likely will not have to contribute any funds.  This option is preferable because your friends will most likely have a working knowledge of cannabis and can help you along the typical novice pitfalls.

If none of your friends smoke, but you can convince a couple of them to begin with you, you will be in for a rollercoaster ride.  This option is a bit more difficult than getting the help of others, but it is fun to learn the ways of smoking for yourself.  I would recommend that if you cannot obtain a suitable pipe, you construct an Aluminum Foil Pipe.  The aluminum foil pipe is a common choice for this method because it is extremely simple and easy to construct and requires no major investment in the chance you do not want to pursue smoking.  Rolling a Joint can be a good method for smoking as well, but to novices this is difficult and can lead to a very frustrating experience.

In the case that none of your friends smoke and none of them want to, you can always meet new people.  Surely you are aware of people in your area who smoke and if not, just attend a party and look for people smoking.  Like I mentioned before, smokers love to start new smokers.  Introduce yourself and mention that you have never smoked before, but are interested in trying.  It would be courteous in this situation to offer to pitch money for the marijuana since you do not know these people.  They will most likely refuse, but will appreciate that you offered it.  This option is great because it broadens your horizons to an entirely new group of people.  Who knows, these people could be your best friends in a few short months!

What are you going to smoke?

Some items to consider when purchasing marijuana are quantity, quality, and price.  The most commonly purchased amount of marijuana is a cut.  Other terms for a cut are slice and eighth.  It refers to an eighth of an ounce or around 3.5 grams.  With a cut, you can roll around 5-15 joints depending on size.  Expect to pay between 20 and 50 dollars, depending on quality.  Often, dealers will detect your inexperience and overcharge, so don’t feel bad if you get burned on the first deal; you will learn with time. To safeguard yourself from getting ripped off you can buy weed online through many different websites. Weed List is an aggregate of several mail order dispensaries in Canada where you can compare from over 2000+ marijuana and other cannabis products.

Another common quantity is the gram.  Grams are a small amount of weed and frequent users will typically only purchase grams of particularly high quality marijuana.  If you ask for a gram of low quality marijuana, the dealer will know that you are a novice.  If you are feeling thrifty, I would recommend purchasing a fourth or quad.  A fourth is two cuts and it can last weekend smokers around a month or two.  The following list summarizes some basic quantities along with pictures of a representative amount:

  • A gram is the smallest amount typically sold.  Typically smokers will only purchase grams if the marijuana is particularly high quality.
  • Street dealers will sell a “dimebag” or a “twenty-sac.”  These terms refer to price, not quantity.  Depending on quality, these may contain more or less than a gram.  A dimebag costs $10 and a twenty-sac costs $20.
  • A cut, eighth, or slice is 1/8 of an ounce.  It is a very commonly purchased amount.  It is essentially equal to 3.5 grams.
  • A fourth, quarter or quad is two slices or 1/4 of an ounce.  This is another commonly purchased amount usually used by more frequent smokers.  Be careful because sometimes these terms can be used to refer to a quarter-pound, which is a significant amount of marijuana!
  • Ounces or O’s are reserved for low-level dealers and frequent users.  Weekend smokers will not be able to smoke an ounce before it goes bad.

mail order marijuana canadaQuality is another important consideration.  The price of various amounts can vary greatly depending on the quality of the marijuana.  There are a number of different strains of marijuana and countless names associated with each strain.  Between various strains, it is often difficult to tell the difference between quality.  At the highest levels, quality differences become insignificant and subtle differences in the highs they produce are moreover related to personal preferences.  The following list gives a general outline of marijuana quality:

  • Low-quality: Low quality weed is often referred to as schwag or dirt.  Lows are typically not sold in suburban areas and are only available in large quantities in the city.  Schwag is brown in color, very dry, and contains a lot of seeds.  Stereotypically, schwag comes from Mexico, but that is not to say that all Mexican weed is low quality.  The smell of schwag is not very distinctive.  Avoid schwag as a large amount is needed to achieve any effect and the highs are less than satisfying.
  • Middle-quality: Mids or midis are the most readily available quality of marijuana.  There are typically no subdivisions of mids.  Mids are typically not too dry and flaky but rather come in relatively small buds of moderate moisture.  The smell of mids is mild and the highs are distinctive.  Mids are a favorite among habitual smokers.  They have no distinct origin.
  • High-middle-quality: High-mids come in a number of varieties.  They often look similar to mids, but have more distinctive red or white hairs.  Look for small crystals on the surface of the buds.  The most common high-mids are beasters, or BC weed (from British Columbia).  Other various strains include orange crush and dank.
  • High-quality: High quality marijuana is often called nugget or nugs, but nugget more accurately refers to the chunking of marijuana that appears in all forms except schwag.  Headies are the most commonly encountered high-quality marijuana.  They are called headies, because they produce a characteristic “head-high” rather than the lower-body highs of other marijuana strains.
  • Exotic: Occasionally smokers encounter very high quality marijuana.  Exotic marijuana typically fetches a high price-tag and has a name.  Exotic marijuana strains exhibit an extremely strong smell and are very sticky to the touch.  Nugget size is often rather large.  Some exotic marijuana strains are AK-47, White Widow, Kush, Haze and Maui Wauwie.

The price you will pay depends mostly on the quantity and quality.  For your first purchase, I would recommend a slice of mids.  Expect to pay $20-40.  There are a number of other factors that you cannot control that will also affect the price.  These include availability, location, season, and reputation.  These factors are often interrelated.  The availability of weed depends sometimes on the season.  In the winter, for instance, marijuana often increases in price.  At times, especially in larger cities, large drug busts lower supplies of marijuana and can cause price spikes.  Follow the news and know what to expect.  The location is also important.  In areas where marijuana laws are heavily enforced, it can be more expensive than in areas with relaxed laws.  Look into the punishments for dealing drugs and consider that when purchasing.  One of the most important factors is your own reputation in the drug scene.  If people are aware that you are a novice, you will be paying top-dollar if you’re buying from a dealer.

Where are you going to smoke?

This question is very important because it can make the difference between smoking scott-free and getting yourself caught.  It is also important because the setting you smoke in has a profound effect on your experience.  Again, if you are smoking with a group of experienced smokers, you need not worry, as they most likely have regular smoking locations.

If you have a house to yourself and are not concerned with parents, RA’s, or landlords (and you don’t live next door to a police station) you can very well smoke indoors.  Keep in mind that smoking indoors can be some smelly business, but smoking in the familiar indoors can be a wonderful experience.  Law enforcement will have a very difficult time catching you, so this is a good choice if you want to avoid detection and you have the opportunity.

smoking weed in carOutdoor smoking is also a great choice, assuming it’s warm outside!  Smoking in the cold can cause intense fixation on the sensation of cold and lead to a negative experience.  If it is warm outside, smoking can help you get acquainted with nature and live the typical hippie lifestyle.  Also, you don’t really have to worry about smelling up the house.  There is a slightly higher risk of a person of authority spotting you outdoors, but if you use your head, you can easily find a safe location.  Wooded areas are a great choice if you know of some nearby.

One of my personal favorite places to smoke is in a car.  High-rides are fun an exciting!  I would not recommend driving if it is your first time smoking as the experience may be too much to handle, but being a passenger is just as fun!  Once you are comfortable with your highs you can safely drive while smoking and this very well may be your location of choice.  The best smoking methods for high-rides are joints and blunts.

What should you expect from your first couple experiences?

Unfortunately, most people do not experience a distinctive high the first time they smoke marijuana.  In fact, it can take a number of attempts to actually get high.  There have been a number of theories proposed as to why this is, and it may be due to a number of factors.  Most likely, inexperience leads to improper smoking technique.  Another important factor is that novices do not know what to expect from marijuana. The altered state of consciousness that is associated with marijuana smoking takes some time to qualify in concrete terms in the mind.  So if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!  Once you successfully experience marijuana, you will have joined the millions of people worldwide who have also tasted the forbidden fruit of paradise!  If you enjoy your first taste and want to continue, read The Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana: Part III, which focuses more on the personal aspects of marijuana and the etiquette of social smoking.

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