There are many Kush strains that are crosses that have the high of the Kush pot and overtones of the mix. These include: Burmese Kush, Super Kush, Master Kush, Orange Kush, Grape Kush, Sour Kush, Grapefruit Kush, Bubba Kush, Afghan Kush, Candy Kush, Lemon Kush, OG Kush, Platinum Kush, and Banana Kush.

There is also Blueberry Kush, Violator Kush, 8 Ball Kush, Hindu Kush, Purple Kush, Kushberry, Power Kush, Skunk Kush, Nepal Kush, Velvet Kush, Blackberry Kush and BC Kush. These strains all have the Indica growing tendencies, even when they are a cross or hybrid with other strains of marijuana.

The Kush mixes have the smooth taste of the Indica pot and in most cases are easy to grow, even for the cannabis grower without much experience. These are strains that can be grown indoors or for the experienced grower can grow outdoors easily.

Growing Kush

Kush is one of the strains of cannabis that thrives in most growing conditions, it grows great indoors, grows outdoors will no problems and is a great strain of pot to grow in the greenhouse. It is a strain of marijuana that is temperate to most climates and has forest green leaves, with ball shaped buds.

The buds are a light green with long hairs that can range in color from white to orange. The one disadvantage is the dense thickness of the buds that is a risk for mold in humid climates. The advantage of Kush is the medium compact size and the lack of smell while growing, which makes it a good indoor crop.

Smoking Kush has an overall body buzz that is relaxing, but not a couch high, making it a good cannabis strain to smoke before going out. It tastes smooth and is easy to smoke without the coughing that some strains of pot can cause.

Purple Kush

purple kush

Purple Kush is one of the Kush strains that is considered one of the ten most powerful and originated in the Northwest United States. This is an Indica that is a short plant with dense bused and huge fan leaves.

It has dark green foliage and large fan leaves that will take on hues of a purple color when it is nearing harvest. This Kush hybrid is one that is used as a medical marijuana for pain relief, inflammation and other conditions. This strain is high in THC and known for having crystals on the buds and resin glands on some leaves.

This is a Kush hybrid that has an Indica long lasting high for at least several hours and is an all over body relaxing high, as well as a mind high that can help with chronic pain, depression, inflammation and other conditions.

Stoner Review:

Looks: Dark green with bright orange hairs and trichomes that make it glow.

Smell: Sweet, and fruity. Somewhat skunky. Quite potent.

Taste: Sweet earthy grape

Effects: Intense body and head high followed by the need to sleep

Potency: Very potent 17% – 22% THC (leafly)

Good Strain For: Night time medication

Good Strain For: Night time medication, Insomnia, Pain relief, Depression, Anxiety, Nausea

Master Kush

master kushMaster Kush is a cross breed of two strains of Hindu Kush and is a high yield crop that has bid buds. This is an Indica and Sativa mix that won the Cannabis Cup in 2005 and 2006 and is an easy strain to grow. The Master Kush is an indoor strain and should only be attempted growing outdoors if it is a warm climate.

This is a cross that can grow in well in the hydroponics crop and is a strong plant that resists mold. Master Kush is a bushy and short plant and is easy for the beginner. This is a strain of Kush that will flower 8 weeks from germination till the first buds that are covered with crystals.

Master Kush does not have a strong odor, which will be alright even with poor ventilation. The yield at harvest will be up to 500 grams.

Stoner Review:

Looks: The bud itself is extremely dense and a medium green. With the extremely dark red hairs it is a unique looking strain. The crystal formation is pleasing especially in the sunlight.

Smell: The aroma is very strong smelling of burned rubber with the characteristic kush smell. When grinded this smell can easily take over a room.

Taste: During the inhale it is very smell and somewhat piney. While during holding the hit in you have a constant taste of kush and burned rubber. On the exhale it has a slight lemony taste. This strain has probably one of the most diverse flavors that is just fun to smoke.

Effects: The high is very relaxing and the numbing effect was nice by itself. The high is very clear headed but the best of it only lasts 30 minuets or so then you have about 2 hours of calm serenity.

Good For: Relaxing, energy, creative thoughts, anxiety, asthma, and increased appetite.