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A Detailed Guide on Weed Candy

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A Detailed Guide on Weed Candy

The legality of weed production and usage has been expanding at a fast-paced rate, with Canada recently legalizing recreational weed. Similarly, methods for partaking weed like joints, spliffs, bongs, dabbing, Thai sticks, and vaping are all gaining enormous popularity as new users enter the market. However, all these methods involve burning marijuana and inhaling the smoke. This doesn’t mean those who can’t smoke due to various personal and medical reasons should go without enjoying this delicious plant. Weed candy is a perfect alternative for those who don’t want to smoke or can’t smoke.

Why is Weed Candy Growing in Popularity?

weed candyWeed candy is a special kind of edible, including gummies, caramels, chocolate bars, and even hard candy. It has become popular due to its delicious taste and availability in numerous flavors and varieties. Above all, it is a healthier consumption method than smoking. Although smoking weed is substantially less harmful compared to smoking tobacco, any combustion is a lung irritant and not ideal for many patients as well as recreational consumers, particularly those with a history or a high risk of pulmonary infections. Likewise, patients with digestive complications, eating disorders, and nausea because of chemotherapy can get a reprieve from their symptoms by taking advantage of the low amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) available in marijuana candy.

Weed candy is more discreet – no odor, coughing, open flame, or smoke involved. You can enjoy it wherever you are, anytime you want. Furthermore, its effects take some time to set in and last longer than smoking. The marijuana present in candy undergoes a rigorous digestion process that is why the effects take quite some time to kick in. On the other hand, smoking/inhaling is a much quicker process since the smoke passes through your lungs and enters into your bloodstream directly without any intermediary steps.

What are the Different Varieties of Weed Candy?

Different types of weed candy make marijuana consumption interesting. Weed candy comes in a wide array of forms, with the popular ones being gums, lollipops, and lozenges. The kind of candy you pick varies with your situation. Individuals working in office settings, attending classes, or mindful about appearance will choose discreet weed candy like a lozenge. Those looking to add a spike to a slow afternoon will go for a piece of gum or a lollipop.

Tips for Finding Your Perfect Dose of Marijuana Candy

  1. Carefully Go Through the Package Dosing Guidelines

cannabis candyDue to tight regulatory standards, manufacturers label the THC/CBD levels in weed candy on the legal market in milligrams. The “typical dose” is 10 mg, but a first-time cannabis consumer or low-tolerance user should begin with half of that. Once you have experienced the effects of the first dosage, you can gently increase your dose. Patients and experienced consumers may require a much greater dosage than the typical 10 mg. However, unless you have knowledge about candies and the way your body responds to varying doses, you should begin low and slowly increase the dose as your tolerance develops. If you the first dose don’t bring any effects after two hours, don’t panic. That’s fine! Just increase your dose in your next trial. It takes trial and error to identify your sweet spot.

Some veteran marijuana users decide to use small doses – so trivial that they experience little to no psychoactive effect. This technique is known as microdosing, and it is effective in steadily stimulating cannabinoid receptors in our body for enhanced mood, mental acuity, and creativity. Many medical marijuana consumers report that microdosing alleviates their symptoms more effectively than high doses.

  1. Take Your Tolerance into Consideration

Beginning with a low dose is always a wise idea, particularly if you are a marijuana newbie or you are making a comeback after a long break. A minimal THC tolerance exposes you to negative side effects such as anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia. Don’t try to compete with veteran users. Veteran, high tolerance consumers require a higher dose to attain their desired effects. They also endure the side effects induced by THC.

  1. Be Patient

Waiting for the effects to set in when you have a whole packet of delicious weed candy within an arm’s reach can be tricky.  However, mindlessly snacking on handfuls to the point of losing count of how many you have consumed could result in a nasty experience. Taking a small dose and giving the effects at least two hours to kick in can result in a positive and exciting experience.

  1. Identify a Comfortable Place

Although weed candies are wonderfully portable, it is imperative to consume them in a comfortable setting. Bigger doses are better consumed at home and in the presence of familiar faces. If it is your first time, consider inviting your best friend over or having your partner around. Taking weed in a comfortable setting can be helpful in keeping anxiety-related effects away.

What are the Main Benefits of Marijuana Candy?

Marijuana candy offers numerous benefits for both medical patients and recreational users. Those with chronic pain, nausea, nervous system disorders, autoimmune disorders, muscle spasms, and insomnia can get substantial relief by consuming weed candy. Individuals struggling with gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohn’s disease can get much-needed relief from weed candy, which can supply cannabinoids exactly in the area of the disorder.

Quality is an important consideration as far as the purchase and use of weed is involved. Whether you consume your weed through ingesting, smoking, or candies, it is important to ensure you are consuming a high-quality product by doing due diligence. Do some research before buying candy from any dealer or dispensary – find out if the provider has a license to sell marijuana products and check out reviews available online about their business. You should focus on buying a weed candy that has undergone rigorous lab testing for potency and impurities. Dealing with a reputable dealer is one of the ways of ensuring you are getting quality candy. You can start with the local dispensary that has served as your provider for years. If they don’t have cannabis candy in stock, ask them to recommend a trusted supplier.


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