Everyone may experience anxiety from time to time as it’s a completely normal emotion. However when the emotion goes overboard, it becomes a disorder. Anxiety is connected with a wide range of mood disorders and mental illnesses. It can lead to a wide range of emotions from the constant feeling of fear to the state of being constantly overwhelmed.

Anxiety includes panic disorders, specific phobias, generalized anxiety disorders in addition to social anxiety disorders. These conditions can have a heavy impact on human health and can prove dangerous when not managed or treated however patients can get their lives back and manage their.

There are several methods that have been found effective in treating this disorder, one of the most popular methods is the use of cannabis strains. Patients have found the use of cannabis strains very significant in coping with anxiety disorder.

The relationship between cannabis and anxiety is quite complicated, while some get an unrivaled stress relief from a small puff of cannabis, the result for others can result in a heightened paranoia.

The key to finding the best cannabis strain that works for you is recognizing cannabis products that are low-THC and high CBD. These strains have contributed crucially to changing the lives of people with anxiety disorder.

When picking a cannabis strain to help with your anxiety, it is best to test yourself for sensitivity and tolerance to the strain as well as experimenting new strains to find the one that provides the best results.

There are several quality cannabis strains that are helpful in treating anxiety. These marijuana strains are specifically helping for people with anxiety and looking manage their lives more effectively. Some of these cannabis strains include:

1. CBD Critical Cure: This impressive indica-dominant cannabis strain is a cross between a ruderalis strain and critical kush. It normally contains a 2:1 CBD to THC ration with normally around 11% CBD and 5% THC. Since this cannabis strain is indica-dominant it provides a slightly sedative effect which can help calm the nerves especially when faced with serious tension on difficult days. Most consumers tend to feel a little psychoactive effect when using this strain which also makes it effective in managing anxiety disorder.
2. Jack Herer: Typically not the first choice for anxiety sufffers due to its cerebral effects. This popular strain is high in THC and works well in helping to calm the body and treat anxiety. When consumed, Jack Herer helps to clear the head from negative thoughts and also helps provide patients wich an overall state of wellness.
3. Nebula: This hybrid strain comes with honey flavor and aroma that fills the mind and body, like most sativa herbs. It can contain THC levels as high as 18% and due to its psychedelic effects its not recommended using during work hours. Just 3-5 puffs of Nebula is enough to calm down your nerves.

4. Tangerine Haze: This cannabis strain is a typical sativa-dominant hybrid that has proved effective in treating anxiety which is why it is commonly prescribed for treating depression, PMS and emotional disorders. The strain has been made even more appealing with its tangerine flavor and aroma. When used in high doses, it only produces a strong sedative effect with a lower dose, it can uplift your mood significantly.

5. Blue Dream: This sativa-dominant cannabis strain is one of the most popular strains and well for its sweet blueberry taste. Blue Dream is idea for treating depression and anxiety. Its uplifting cerebral high as well as its gentle body high helps relieve pain and stress and replace it with creativity and happiness.
6. Purple Urkle: This popular cannabis strain is a potent indica which is commonly used in the medical marijuana community for several issues including insomnia, stress, depression and muscle spasms. Purple Urkle is a strain that is well known for its psychoactive effects as it contains THC as high as 26%. It provides strong sedative effects which makes it perfect for late evening or night time use.

7. Harlequin: This strain is a cross between Thai, Nepalese and Colombian strains and has been well known for providing quality treatment for anxiety. Harlequin contains a 5:2 ratio of CBD to THC with the THC only rarely exceeding 6 percent. It provides users a focused and slightly energized experience while uplifting their mood.

8. Sour Grape: This strain is a perfect calming agent for anxiety. It is a well-balanced hybrid with THC levels that can calm the mind without reducing productivity. When used, it initially acts as indica by relaxing the body after which its sativa qualities kick in thereby relieving anxiety, nausea, lack of appetite and stress.

9. Cannatonic: This strain is high in CBD with a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Like most high content CBD strains, Cannatonic helps improve mental function during anxiety and stress in addition to promote mental focus. This strain is not high in THC which make up for only 6 percent of its content which makes its experience less foggy more convenient for medicinal use.



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You’ll find these cannabis strains can provide a healthy combination of THC and CBD that can significantly lead to less anxiety and stress. The strains mentioned above have established a strong connection in providing relief for anxiety sufferers. With a few puffs or through other methods of consumption, patients can tackle their anxiety and return to a state of comfort and ease.