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7 Things Every Newbie Should Know about Marijuana-Infused Edibles

//7 Things Every Newbie Should Know about Marijuana-Infused Edibles

7 Things Every Newbie Should Know about Marijuana-Infused Edibles

marijuana ediblesMarijuana-infused foods have become the most sought-after products in various countries where recreation weed is legal. Nowadays, edibles pop up at events like weddings, yoga classes, reality TV shows, and gourmet dinners. Although smoking is still the most popular method of consuming weed, New Frontier Data, a reputable company that specializes in tracking the cannabis sector, released a market report that reveals consumers are progressively opting to eat their marijuana.

With more countries legalizing the use of weed just to enjoy the psychoactive high of the unique plant, some individuals who stayed away from cannabis just a few years or month ago may be currently planning to try weed-infused foods for the first time. However, consuming marijuana edibles can be a bit complex. Most of the stories about a user ending up in a bumpy ride due to weed probably began with an edible. RTI International’s study reports that newbie pot consumers have difficulties in figuring out a suitable dose and end up with a negative experience. The study further claims that weed users who reported consuming edibles for the first time were at higher risk of getting an unexpected high, no matter their age, mental health status, gender, age, or quantity of cannabis used in the past month. Since everyone responds differently to edibles, it is important to enjoy with caution. Below are 7 things worth knowing before trying weed edible for the first time.

1. Marijuana Edibles are More Powerful than Ordinary Weed

The body functions in a mysterious way so do weed. Weed-infused foods provide an entirely different experience compared to a bong hit or a joint. When ingested, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the potent psychoactive compound in weed, goes through a change in the liver that makes it a completely different substance that is stronger and longer lasting when inhaled.

Our bodies take much longer to digest ingested cannabis than the inhaled one. Experts estimate that our body responds to inhaled weed within 3-10 minutes and 1-3 hours for ingested one. Since it takes longer to metabolize ingested marijuana, most consumers tend to overdo it. Cannabis experts recommend giving the body not less than two hours to process the first dose before deciding to take a second dose.

2. Doing Some Research is Helpful

A wise newbie to marijuana should set some time aside for studying the edibles. Most nations that have legalized pot recommend dosing guidelines restricting one dosage to 10mg of THC. There is scientific backing behind this regulation. The 10mg dose may not be sufficient for experienced consumers, but beginners can get their desired highs even with 5 mg.

3. It is Imperative to Choose Your Edible Wisely

The legal cannabis market has pot-infused truffles, pot-infused hummus, and pot-infused granola bars. However, edibles generally fall into two groups: foods such as cookies, candies, and capsules that are broken down in the liver and products such as gums, lollipops, and sublingual drops that are directly absorbed in the saliva in your mouth. The foods group work slower but deliver powerful effects that last longer.

4. Reading the Label and Understanding the Dose Guarantees a Positive Experience

If you are purchasing from a trusted retailer, the marijuana edible will be correctly packaged with the right labeling information. Carefully reading the labeling may help you separate a Grade A weed from a substandard one. Any trusted edible manufacturer will have their products lab-tested for potency. The label will contain information on the level of two crucial ingredients: THC, the chemical compound that produces psychoactive high in cannabis, and CBD, the non-psychoactive chemical component that is effective in pain relief.

Before you take your dose, ensure you have eaten something nutritious. Consuming your edible on an empty stomach means the effects will kick in more quickly.  Just like some prescriptions require you to take the medication with your food; you should do the same for your medicated brownies.

5. Marijuana-infused Foods Don’t Mix with alcohol

Experts advise against mixing alcohol with marijuana edibles. Drinking a beer while puffing on a joint isn’t that bad, but combining buzz with an edible session will definitely result in a horrible experience.  Most first-timers would experience an uncomfortable spinning sensation. If you must introduce something to your edible session, try fruit juice or water.

6. Nobody has Ever Died from a Weed Overdose

Sometimes even if you follow the recommendations of your provider, your heart may begin to race, your hands shake, and anxiety strikes. Remember, this is common and you shouldn’t panic. Instead, take a rest and remain calm. You should also drink some water, lie down or sit down, shut your eyes, and take a couple of deep breaths. It is important to bear in mind that there are no documented cases of fatality due to marijuana overdose.

Although there is no proof yet that taking a shower or bathing will speed up your comedown, you will feel a little better after doing so. Above all, showering or bathing allows you to relax. Always have a high-CBD tincture within your reach to use in case you over consume. Although CBD functions in harmonizing ways with THC, it also exerts some opposing properties.  CBD is, without doubt, the perfect antidote to neutralize your high. Apart from CBD being non-psychoactive, it also counteracts the psychotropic effects of THC.

7. Keep Your Pot-Infused Edibles Out of Children’s Reach

Lawmakers are coming up with strange regulations, such as regulating the shape of weed edibles to differentiate them with regular foods. However, it is almost impossible to differentiate a psychedelic cooking from an ordinary one. So do a noble thing and store your edibles safely away from your kids. While pot-infused edible may not kill anybody, you don’t want to accidentally get your kid high with your stash when all she or he was looking for is a peanut butter cup.


Edibles provide a discreet way of getting high in public or in the midst of a disapproving company. It is a perfect consumption method for individuals using pot for medicinal reasons and for those who can’t smoke for whatever reason. The above 7 suggestions will help first-time users of weed-infused edibles realize a positive and enjoyable edible session.

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