Cannabis has been banned from almost every sport. Similar to the previous article on “Brilliant Minds Who Smoked Pot“, this article will show another group of individuals who break through the stigma of the lazy stoner.

While some of these athletes have tried to keep their pot habit a secret others are advocates on marijuana use and legalization.

People may typically think of athletes taking steroids or other performance enhancing drugs however many elite athletes have openly expressed how medical marijuana has helped with pain relief and recovery. Not all strains are created equal and of course some strains might just give athletes that razor sharp focus or creative edge.

Unfortunatley some athletes have been punished for their use while others eventually admitted their use after they retired from sports.

Let’s take a look at 10 elite athletes who have enjoyed marijuana during their career.

1 & 2. Nick & Nate Diaz

It’s hard to name one brother without the other as they’ve both enjoyed fame and success in MMA (mixed martial arts) in addition to being advocates for cannabis. Both brothers have had extensive careers in PRIDE FC, Strikeforce and the UFC. Nick Diaz has fought against some of the top names in UFC history including Anderson Silva, BJ Penn and George St Pierre however in 2013 Nick was banned from the UFC after he tested positive for marijuana use but eventually made his comeback to the UFC in 2015. Nate has won against fighters such as Donald Cerrone, Rory Mcdonald and most notably for his win against Connor McGregor. There are several videos of both brothers enjoying the cannabis culture as seen in the video below.

michael phelps3. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is a professional swimmer who broke the record in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing for the most amount of gold medals in a single tournament. Phelps was a perfect poster boy for sports until a photo was circulated of him taking bong rips at a house party. As a result he received a 3 month suspension from USA Swimming and lost his endorsement from Kellogg’s. Phelps is the most decorated Olympian in history.


4. Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams has played 11 seasons in the NFL with multiple suspensions due to cannabis use. Williams has also received a lot of criticism for marijuana during his time with the Miami Dolphins which eventually led to his early retirement in 2004 in addition to face a $650K fine from the NFL. After his retirement he has been a cannabis advocate and partnered with many famous cannabis companies such as Weed Maps and even opened a 420 friendly gym called Power Plant Fitness & Wellness. Ricky has found benefits from using cannabis to help with recovery, pain relief and anti-inflammation. Without a doubt Football is one of the most violent sports where athletes would certainly benefit from the use of medical marijuana. Ricky is now a former Heisman Trophy winner and All-American.

5.Cliff Robinson

Clifford “Cliff” Robinson is played 18 seasons in the NBA and has played for teams Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors and New Jersey Nets. He has received multiple accolades throughout his career such as the NBA Sixth Man of the Year in 1993 and selected as an All-Star in 1994. In 2005 he received suspensions for violating the NBA drug policy for marijuana use. Today Robinson is well known in the cannabis industry and owns a company called Uncle Spliffy which provides athletic focused cannabis products.

6. Arnold Schartzenegger

When people think bodybuilding they usually think steroids or other performance enhancement drugs. In the documentary Pumping Iron, Arnold enjoys a joint after winning the Mr Olympia and beating Lou Ferrigno who was new on the bodybuilding scene. The video below is an interview and clip from the documentary where he admits to smoking pot.. and inhaling ;). He held the record for most Mr. Olympia victories for a long time and as most of us know went on to becoming the top Hollywood action star and eventually governor of California. Of course whether Arnold ever was a regular user is unknown, he’s one athlete/actor/politician that had to have a notable mention.

Cannabis is banned in almost all sports except for the National Hockey League. Hopefully the sport world will come to terms with the medical benefits of marijuana. There are several other athletes who have been successful in sports and used cannabis for either recreational or medical purposes.