There are a few stationary, portable vaporizers and vape pens which seem to get most of the attention such as the Pax 3, Davinci, Volcano and Firefly to name a few. The following vaporizers covered in this article are worth considering due to their quality, design, convenience, performance and price.

If you’re looking into buying a vaporizer for the first time it can be quite intimidating due the selection of hundreds of vaping devices to choose from.

1. Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

The Arizer Extreme Q is designed and assembled in Canada. Similar to the famous Volcano Vaporizer, it remains one of the most popular desktop vaporizers for those looking to get quality and satisfaction. Over the years the price of the Arizer has dropped to almost half of its original cost. Whether you’re a beginner or pro you’ll enjoy the vapor quality from the Arizer Extreme Q.

2. Pulsar APX Vaporizer

This new vaporizer is one of the most compact and lightweight portable vaporizers on the market. With it’s upgraded mouthpiece and vapor path it delivers smoother hits than ever before. The Pulsar APX measure just only 4 inches in length an can easily fit in the palm of your hand. If you’re on the go you can discreetly have a hit of cannabis while you’re on-the-go. This portable vaporizer definitely delivers bang for your buck.

3. G Pen Elite Vaporizer

Introduced by Grenco Science, this portable vaporizer delivers many more improvements than it’s previous models. The G Pen delivers smooth and flavourful vapor. It provide precise temperature control giving users quality and consistent vapes. It’s made from quality material and is ergonomically designed and can easily fit in your pocket. It comes with a batter than can last as long as 3 hours and roughly 6-12 sessions depending on the temperature settings. The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is easy to use and very affordable for the quality of this vaporizer.

4. Vapor King Vaporizer

This hands free digital vaporizer allows anyone to enjoy herbs from aromatherapy blends to cannabis vaping. The Vapor King or Bliss Vaporizer is a hands free digital vaporizer that is designed heating element that allows users to start vaping in just 30 seconds. For anyone who’s new to vaping this is a perfect unit. It comes in a wide range of colors to choose from. You’ll be able to vape your favorite herbs with consistency. Best of all the Vapor King is an affordable vaporizer that won’t hurt your wallet.

5. Kandy Pens Rubi Vaporizer

This is one of the #1 selling vaporizers on the market. The Kandy Pen Rubi is perfect for concentrates such as cannabis oils and wax in addition to e-liquids with its open pod system. The design of this device may be small but it is quite powerful for its size. The Kandy Pen Rubi vaporizer has a stylish design that is leak-proof and quite durable. It include pods or cartridges which are refillable which makes this device convenient since you don’t need to purchase pre-filled cartridges like some vaporizers. The Kandy Pen Rubi vaporizer provides consistent vaping with a smooth draw. It comes with a micro-USB port to easily charge its batter. One a full charge this vaporizer can give you up to 50 draws.


If you’re interested in buying a vaporizer be sure to check out our huge selection of vaporizers and if you own one of the 5 vaporizers mentioned in this article please leave your thoughts on what you think of your device.