There are a few stationary, portable vaporizers and vape pens which seem to get most of the attention such as the Pax 3, Davinci, Volcano and Firefly to name a few. The following vaporizers covered in this article are worth considering due to their quality, design, convenience, performance and price.

If you’re looking into buying a vaporizer for the first time it can be quite intimidating due the selection of hundreds of vaping devices to choose from.

1. Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

The Arizer Extreme Q is designed and assembled in Canada. Similar to the famous Volcano Vaporizer, it remains one of the most popular desktop vaporizers for those looking to get quality and satisfaction. Over the years the price of the Arizer has dropped to almost half of its original cost. Whether you’re a beginner or pro you’ll enjoy the vapor quality from the Arizer Extreme Q.

2. Pulsar APX Vaporizer

This new vaporizer is one of the most compact and lightweight portable vaporizers on the market. With it’s upgraded mouthpiece and vapor path it delivers smoother hits than ever bef