Why Wake and Bake is Amazing

Although many of us prefer to get high in the day, there’s a slightly fantastic way that is popular amongst some 22% of all American pot smokers. Wake and Bake, a marijuana ritual done mostly in the morning in preparation for a great day, is proving to be a reserve for the ‘elite stoners.’ And amongst ardent pot lovers, wake & bake is indeed amazing!

It’s pretty much the same habit as going on a morning run, doing some morning yoga or reading the day’s paper while sipping a hot cup of coffee. However, with wake and bake, you freshen up and light up a freshly rolled joint or devour a packed bowl of your favourite buds of weed. To ensure that this incredibly way of kick-starting your normal day turns out to be a perfect one, we thought you’d be interested in the next wake and bake tips.

5 Smoking a Joint Tips and Tricks: Why Wake and Bake is Amazing

1. Pick your preferred strain of Marijuana carefully

Your strain of marijuana is the alpha and omega of how your day pans out. If you pick a wrong strain, particularly any indica strains, trust me your day will be dull and lazy, due to its sedative properties. Sativa ideally is a perfect strain as it often gives a definite buzz and a powerful energy boost. If you can’t find any Sativa, go for sour Diesel because of its potent mental stimulation and focus.

2. Eat to your fill

A full breakfast is essential, whether it is before or after you wake and bake. Some munchies are equally okay so long as you feel full and happy after that. Remember, it ’s when you’re full that the ‘feel good’ effects last.

3. Don’t lose focus – embark on your day

After those first whiffs, you might start feeling hazy and perhaps lose track of what needs to be done. It happens, so don’t feel alarmed. However, it’s mandatory that you set the alarm so that you don’t stay late. Remember, it is no more extended wake and bakes if it subsequently stops you from being productive. I’d prefer that you get up a little bit earlier so that you enjoy a sweet puff without rushing and later spoil your day.

drink water4. Keep a cold drink within reach

A joint can make your lips look worse, especially when wake and bake become part of your morning drill. It’s, therefore, recommended that you always walk with a cold drink so that it prevents your throat from getting sore. A bottle of water or any cold beverage for a sip will never allow those lips to look disgusting, trust me!

5. Finally, don’t forget to freshen up right after

To complete this ritual, don’t forget to use your eye drops, toothbrush, and cologne. It’s good to look decent, smell tremendous and face the day like a gallant stoner. Almost everyone is a great wake and bake faithful and don’t let them down by getting out smelling Marijuana.

These are practically the five fantastic wake and bake tips for a euphoric experience. Start following them, and by a week or two, you will no longer be an ordinary stoner.