classic marijuana strainsMarijuana has evolved over decades and ‘old school’ strains are not nearly as potent as they are are today. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, marijuana typically contains single digit potency levels of THC around 4-5%. Today you buy weed that contains THC levels as high as 20% so it’s fair to say it ain’t your grandmas weed.

Today there are literally thousands of cannabis strains available and websites like Leafly have done a great job providing a wealth of information on every strain known to man. You can still purchase classic strains today and thanks to modern day technology and quality growing conditions, these strains are much stronger and can provide a quality high making them comparable with newer strains.

In this blog we’re going to cover 5 classic marijuana strains that have stood the test of time which are still popular today among cannabis users and growers

1. G13

Also known as Government Indica Strain 1, is over 35 years old, thus making it one of the oldest cannabis strains. G13 is believed to be originally created for medicinal purposes by the United States Government back in the 1960’s.

G13 is an indica-dominant hybrid strain which contains 70% indica and contains THC levels as high as 24%. Users can enjoy a boost of energy that will make you talkative however don’t smoke this at work as you will eventually fall into a relaxed state.

This indica strain is touted as being the most potent strain, allegedly containing up to 30% THC – but this claim is up for debate. Nobody knows what the exact potency of the original G-13 however its lineage is a cross-breed of Afghani Landrace.