Old School MarijuanaMarijuana has evolved over decades and ‘old school’ strains are not nearly as potent as they are are today. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, marijuana typically contains single digit potency levels of THC around 4-5%. Today you buy weed that contains THC levels as high as 20% so it’s fair to say it ain’t your grandmas weed.

Today there are literally thousands of cannabis strains available and websites like Leafly have done a great job providing a wealth of information on every strain known to man. You can still purchase classic strains today and thanks to modern day technology and quality growing conditions, these strains are much stronger and can provide a quality high making them comparable with newer strains.

In this blog we’re going to cover 5 classic marijuana strains that have stood the test of time which are still popular today among cannabis users and growers

1. G13

Also known as Government Indica Strain 1, is over 35 years old, thus making it one of the oldest cannabis strains. G13 is believed to be originally created for medicinal purposes by the United States Government back in the 1960’s.

G13 is an indica-dominant hybrid strain which contains 70% indica and contains THC levels as high as 24%. Users can enjoy a boost of energy that will make you talkative however don’t smoke this at work as you will eventually fall into a relaxed state.

This indica strain is touted as being the most potent strain, allegedly containing up to 30% THC – but this claim is up for debate. Nobody knows what the exact potency of the original G-13 however its lineage is a cross-breed of Afghani Landrace.

Old School Marijuana

2. Northern Lights

This legendary strain dates back to the 1980’s and today, is still one of the most popular strains available. Whether you’re a rookie or experienced user then you’ve likely tried some version of Northern Lights including hybrids such as Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk.

This strain is well known for its resinous buds. It was originally bred from Afghani and Thai landrace genetics, this indica-dominant strain contains THC levels as high as 21%.

Northern Lights will leave you feeling upbeat while feeling completely relaxed. This strain is known to leave its users red-eyed with cotton-mouth. It is an ideal strain stress and depression.

3. Original Haze

This iconic strain dates back to the 1960’s in Santa Cruz California. It is 100% sativa that was created from combining several sativa plants.

It contains THC levels as high as 20%. Not many strains can compete with this energy-boosting sativa that will put you in a euphoric state. If you suffer from paranoia or anxiety you may want avoid Original Haze.

This strain is ideal for those who suffer from chronic pain, headaches or migraines. Original Haze also beneficial for anyone looking to boost creativity.

4. Acapulco Gold

Another well-known strain that dates back to the 1960’s, originates from Acapulco, Mexico. It is known for its orange hairs that almost makes it resemble a gold nugget. Its easily one of the best cannabis strains ever created however hard to get your hands on.

This sativa-dominant hybrid is known to contain THC levels as high as 26% and can provide a quite powerful high. Users typically experience elevate mod leaving them relaxed and happy which is why this strain is ideal for those dealing with stress or depression. Acapulco Gold is also beneficial for those suffering from PTSD or General Anxiety Disorder.

This strain is typically more expensive compared to other strains due to its powerful effects and high THC content.

5. Hindu Kush

This might be one of the most important strains in marijuana history. Hindu Kush dates back as far as history even records but was popularlized in the US and Canada back in the 1960’s. It originates from the Hindu Kush region which borders India, Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.

It is one of the original landrace stains that is used in other popular strains such as OG Kush and Purple Hindu Kush. It was also one of the first strains used to produce hash. Hindu Kush is pure indica and contains THC levels as high as 20%.

This strain is highly sedative and provides a heavy body high. You probably don’t want to smoke Hindu Kush if you have a busy day because this strain will leave you couchlocked with mental fogginess. It is beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain, nausea, insomnia anxiety and stress.


These “old school” marijuana strains have not only stayed relevant but have also helped introduce other hybrid strains which have become well known. These older strains are not to be forgotten due to their exceptional quality and satisfaction. If you’re looking to purchase any of the strains mentioned above you’ll likely find them here on Weed List.