Cannabis will be legalized nationally in 2018 and projected to be a multi-billion dollar industry within its first year. While investing in marijuana companies can carry high risk many have profited considerably from companies whose stocks have skyrocketed in only the last 3 months in some cases yielding in 3-4 figure percentage increases.

Despite marijuana still being illegal, there are still plenty of risks when investing in the pot stock market. Many biotech and mining companies have jumped into the pot industry and market saturation may affect stock prices.

In this article I’d like to provide recommendations on 5 marijuana stocks to invest in 2018 as well as brief history stock information. While these are considered penny stocks the current stock prices listed below average from $10-$35/share on average.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding hot marijuana stocks please leave them in the comment section below.

1. Canopy Growth Corp (WEED)

canopy growth corporationCanopy Growth Corp (formerly Tweed Marijuana Inc.) is located in Tweed, Ontario. This diversified company is focused on producing both medical and recreational marijuana in the Canadian market. It currently yields 3,540 Kilos of marijuana per year within it’s over half million square foot indoor greenhouse. Canopy has partners with some of the top leading names in the marijuana sector including Snoop Dogg, DNA Genetics, AusCann and Indoor Harvest.

Currently Canop’s stock is currently at $37.48 per share from $12.76 exactly 3 months ago.

2. Chronos Group Inc. (MJN)

chronos group marijuana canadaChronos Grop Inc (formerly PharmaCan Capital Corp.) is another licensed medical marijuana producer in both medical and recreational marijuana. Chrons is looking to yield up to 40,000 kilos before 2019 from its current 5,000 kg/year.

This has been an extremely strong stock and has risen from $3.33 to it’s current $9.94 per share. In the last 3 months it has peaked at over $14/share in January 2018.

3. Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

aurora cannabis stockAurora Cannabis (formerly Prescient Mining Corp) is definitely one of the biggest players in the marijuana sector. Aurora has received it’s license to sell cannabis oil in January 2017. This pot company is focused on selling dried medical marijuana. Located in British Columbia, Canada; Aurora has a 55,200 square foot facility which yields almost 6,000 kilos of dried cannabis from January 2016-January 2017.

This stock has skyrocked 451% over the last year and has risen from $2.82 to $13.48/share in the last 3 months making this stock a very worthy investment.

4. Aphria (APH)

aphria stock canadaAphria considers itself one of the lowest cost producers of cannabis. The stock surged after an announcement that it was going to be a supplier for Shoppers Drug Mart. Aphria will have access to almost 1,400,000 square feet of greenhouse and aims to become the top producer of affordable marijuana with 220,000 kilos of annual cannabis by 2019.

This stock has currently at $22.19/share from $6.94/share 3 months ago.

5. Cannimed Therapeautics Inc (CMED)

cannimed cannabis stockCannamed is a bio pharmaceutical company that specializes in pharmaceutical grade marijuana such as oils, dried cannabis and vaporizers. The company operates two facilities in both Michigan and Saskatchewan which total 247,000 square feet.

The current stock is $34.77/share and has risen from $11.75 in the last 3 months.