For those looking to buy weed online in Canada or other cannabis products, it an be quite daunting as Weed List provides thousands of options. If you’re not sure what to buy the following products are amongst some of our top selling products that have made countless online customers happy.

The list below ranges from marijuana strains, delicious edibles, vape juice for vaporizers and shatter.

1. Juicy Fruit Cannabis Flower (Hybrid Strain)

This popular cannabis strain is also known as Fruity juice and is an indica/sativa cross between Afghani and Thai strains. Juicy Fruit provides a protent fragrance and it’s fluffy nugs are covered with crystals on its sticky buds. The fragrance is described as sweet and tangy resembling fruit punch and lemons – hence it’s name. Due its high THC content you can enjoy a euphoric buzz that can last up to 3 hours.

2. THC gummy bears Noble Extracts (Cannabis Exibles)

If you have a sweet tooth and want an alternative way to consume cannabis you may want to try THC gummy bears by Noble Extracts. These edible gummies were originally designed for medical cannabis users but can be used recreationally too. Each gummy contains 5mg of THC and come in several delicious flavours including Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Grape and Orange. Whether you’re new to using cannabis edibles it’s recommended you consume just one gummy for the first hour to see how your body responds. Users may experience drowsiness and dry mouth/eyes.

3. G13 Hybrid Flower (Hybrid Strain)

Users of this strain may experience an uplifting feeling that is unforgettable. Since G13 is an indica-dominant strain you may also experience drowsiness which makes it perfect for those suffering from insomnia. G13 Hybrid gives off a pine smell mixed with wild berries. The origins of this strain go back to the 1960’s and rumoured to have been created by government agencies of course this may have been a rumour that was created by users on G13 Hybrid ;). G13 Hybrid is perfect for medical use due to it’s potency and definitely not recommended for first time users.

4. Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid Strain)

Winner of several Cannabis Cups and easily one of the most popular cannabis strains sold online. Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid that provides an indica-sativa ration of 60:40. It can reach THC levels as high as 28% making this cannabis strain one that will not dissapoint. It is a combination of Durban Poison and OG Kush, two other legendary cannabis strains. GSC is a distinct strain with different shades of green with a mix of orange and purple hairs which makes it stand out from other strains. For those looking for relief from anxiety, stress and depression will find Girl Scout Cookies a helpful remedy. It’s a difficult strain to grow however several Girl Scout Cookie strains can be found right here on Weed List.

5. California Dream Shatter (Cannabis Concentrate)

This top-selling shatter is derived from the popular cannabis flower called California Dream. California Dream is a hybrid that provides both indica-sativa effects. Since the flowers resin glands are so large it makes it a perfect strain for creating shatter. Whether you’re looking to kick back or in a social setting, California Dream shatter is an ideal product to consume with a dab rig, vaporizer or add drops while rolling a joint. It provides an aroma that is sometimes described as skunky with a hint of mint and herbal candy.

With thousands of products available on Weed List, these products are definitely worth a try as they’ve become top-selling marijuana products online for a reason.

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