Dry Herb vaporizers have become quite popular for those who wish to consume dry marijuana rather than concentrates such as wax or oil.

Vaporizers do provide the benefit of being able to consume herbs discreetly similarly to e-cigarettes.

How to Dry Herb Vaporizers Work

If you’ve used other devices in the past then you’re probably familiar with how they work. These vaporizers are designed similarly to liquid based vaporizers which include an atomizer and a tank.

In contrast to the heating element inside a liquid based vaporizer which uses a coil, a dry herb vaporizer uses a mall mesh screen where dry herbs are placed. The heat travels through the mesh and dry herbs emitting the vaporized material to be consumed.

Buying a Dry Herb Vaporizer in Canada

There are 3 major factors which will impact your vaping experience with dry herb vaporizers:

1. The mouthpiece used to draw the material
2. The quality of the herb used
3. The airflow within the device

Quality vaporizers are typically made from glass rather than plastic or stainless stell. Glass provides great insulation and does not affect the flavors while stainless steel may impact the flavor and plastic units tend to overheat.

With the evolution of technology there are several options to choose from when looking into buying a reliable device so we’ve decided to make things easier for you and will list the top 5 recommended products according to Weed List.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

1. Crafty Vaporizer

The Crafty Vaporizer has been around for a few years and is still one of the best vaporizers you can the market. This device uses convection heating that almost compares to the popular Volcano vaporizer and made by the same company Storz & Bickel. This handheld vaporizer is slim and sleek and can be used for both dry herb and concentrates such as oil. The Crafty vaporizer offers precise temperature control, one-button operation method with both conduction and convection methods for heating and can connect to a phone app to notify you when its contents are ready for consumption. Whether you’re a newbie or advanced user you’ll definitely enjoy this high quality vaporizer.

2. Pax 3 Vaporizer

The Pax 3 is a legendary vaporizer that is also suitable for both beginners and advanced users. This revolutionary vaporizer is designed with an integrated THC extract support and granular temperature control that connects to your smartphone. Unlike some vaporizers on the market its batter lasts quite long and can be fully charged in just 90 minutes. Similarly to the previous model mentioned it is designed with one control button. The Pax 3 vaporizers can work for both liquid concentrates as well as dry herbs using conduction heating. Unlike the previous Pax models 1 and 2, the Pax 3 comes with an attachment that allows for consuming concentrates.

3. AirVape X Vaporizer

This popular vaporizer is both sleek and compact in its design with that is more convenient and powerful than previous models. Few vaporizers under $200 can compare to this pocket-friendly portable vaporizer that draws a smooth and flavorful hit. With a larger chamber you can pack 25% more herb and is also compatible for wax and oil. The Haptic Feedback notifies you by vibration when the temperature is reached and ready to be used. The air chamber contains high grade ceramic which preserves the flavor. Bang for buck, the AirVape X is one vaporizer you should definitely consider.

4. Pulsar APX Vaporizer

The Pulsar APX is one of the most popular herb vaporizers for a number of reasons. Its design is super portable and very stylish with an LED display. Similarly to the AirVape X, it also includes Haptic Feedback that lets you know when the temperature has been reached and your herbs are ready for consumption. This dry herb vaporizer is easy to use with it’s one-touch button which makes it perfect for newbies. The Pulsar APX is extremely affordable and comparable to other high end devices so quality isn’t sacrificed for the price. It uses true convection heating and air travels through a ceramic chamber delivering pure flavor. Depending on the temperatures being used it can last up to 12 sessions before requiring a recharge.

5. Davinci IQ Vaporizer

The DaVinci IQ Vaproizer is one of the leaders in vaping. It uses innovative technology and has improved their battery life in the 2018 models. It is built using high-quality materials such as a mouthpiece that provides and a ceramic zirconia air path that provides an enjoyable draw. It has four different temperature settings and the only vaporizer that has 3 modes to tailor the vaping experience. Similar to previous vaporizers it has a bluetooth app integration to get full control over your sessions. Using the Davinci IQ Vaporizer is easy to use. Simply pack the chamber with dry herbs, swing the door closed and you’re ready to vape. The Davinci IQ vaporizer is a great option for those looking for a quality dry herb vaporizer.

If you’re looking for a quality dry herb vaporizer in Canada visit our vaporizers section.