5 Best Cannabis Strains for Athletic Performance

While many perceive pot as a drug for couch-locked stoners, cannabis has actually proven beneficial for professional athletes. Unfortunately almost all sports have banned the use of cannabis except for the NHL.

Many athletes have found that cannabis provides benefits for concentration, performance and recovery. There are countless athletes who have used cannabis and unfortunately some who have been banned as a result. Despite the negative perception from sports organizations this medicinal plant has proven quite useful to many athletes across different sports.

Regardless of the type of the sport, high level athletes in sports such as baseball, football, basketball and mixed martial arts have vouched for its effectiveness but don’t owe their careers to it.

Athletes have used cannabis to overcome anxiety to improve focus, use it to get a good nights rest before a big day or for pain relief sustained from an injury. Marijuana certainly has its place in sports.

In this article we’re going to look at 5 cannabis strains that have been known to improve athletic performance and recovery. Of course not everyone has the same experience due to different metabolism or body chemistry.

1. Sour Diesel – This strain has been proven to be a very popular strain among athletes as it leaves users feeling energetic, motivated and alert. This strain is also effective for recovery as it can help relieve stress, tension and chronic pain. Sour Diesel is perfect for high intensity sports such as boxing, MMA and cycling. It can be used as a preworkout if you can’t find the motivation to get to the gym or for recovery after a hard workout.

2. OG Kush – This popular strain originates from California and is a hybrid between Lemon Thai, Pakistani Kush and Chemdawg. Athletes such as runners will find that this strain delivers a nice body high that allows to push beyond the pain threshold. OG Kush is also great for intense sports and workouts. Also another great post workout strain, OG Kush can help with chronic pain, insomnia and muscle spasms.
3. Super Lemon Haze – If you’re looking for a pick me up or motivation then you may find it in this sativa dominant strain. This strain is ideal for long distance runners and even triathletes who find that it provides a strong mental kick while keeping them energized and focused. While Super Lemon Haze has a very potent smell however. If you don’t prefer to smoke you can always consume this strain through edibles or concentrates.

4. Harlequin – This hybrid strain contains a 75:25 split sativa to indica and a 5:2 ration of CBD to THC. This strain is a perfect preworkout to get your blood pumping before a rigorous workout at the gym, weight lifting or before a game. Due to its high levels of CBD, users will find this strain provides pain relief without the high. Users will also find that Harlequin provides great mental effects to stay focused and relaxed to overcome any anxiety.

5. Bruce Banner – Another sativa dominant strain that is known to be the “world’s strongest strain”. It contains levels of THC as high as 30%. The Bruce Banner strain will hit you almost instantly and provide very energizing effects. It’s perfect before a long workout as it can increase endurance. Bruce Banner is also ideal for weight lifters that may feel like the Incredible Hulk after consuming this strain.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or average joe at the gym, cannabis can help improve mental focus and provide pain relief after physical activity without the side effects from common pharmaceuticals that are often recommended by doctors. It’s recommended to experiment in finding the strain that works right for you.

Is cannabis for lazy stoners? Maybe ask Nate and Nick Diaz who are both world class fighters in the UFC in addition to being triathletes, Michael Phelps who has is the most decorated Olympian of all time or the several other renowned athletes.