5 BENEFITS OF VAPORIZING MARIJUANAVaping devices are trending in the market today. Many smokers are turning to vaporizing and ditching the traditional way of smoking. With the marijuana industry growing drastically, people are creating ways to consume cannabis which include edibles and vaporizing.

To vaporize, you need a vaporizer to convert cannabis oil into vapour. It usually works with a battery that creates power that heats the herb or oil turning it to vapour. The following are the top five reasons to choose vaporization of cannabis over smoking.

A Healthier Alternative

Vaporizing cannabis or herbs does not emit smoke that contains tar, carcinogens and other toxic substances that may cause lung-related diseases. According to Michael Russell, a South African psychiatrist, tar in cigarettes kills people and not the nicotine.

Vaporizing improves your breathing if incorporated into regular exercises because there are low amounts of tar produced.

It Creates Even More Flavour

Unlike smoking, vaporization retains the flavour of your herbs. With vaping, the bud is not burnt and won’t create any smoky taste. Besides, when you smoke the bud, it will lose the terpene particles that produce flavour.

While smoking, the terpenes are removed from the buds, and you won’t feel the taste of the buds when they get to your mouth and lungs.

Vaping Uses Less Cannabis Than Smoking

It is the most significant benefit of vaporization. Although you will spend more to acquire a vaporizer compared to smoking on a bong, a vaporizer will save you some cannabis.

It is considering that with vaporization, minimal amounts of the herbs are used to vaporized to obtain a satisfying effect and benefits. When vaporizing the herbs, the temperature used is minimum and treats the molecules more gently, hence getting the same effect as smoking.

It Is Easy To Use a Vaporizer

Consuming cannabis has been made even more accessible with the vaporizer. With a vaporizer, you are required to fill the chamber with your concentrates or oil and enjoy a great time. Why waste your time hitting a joint to smoke while you can enjoy your cannabis at the comfort of your hands? It is generally easy for any individual to use.


Vaporizers can be customized to suit the user’s needs if Vaping. Your satisfaction will mainly depend on what you consume in your vaporizer. With the advancement of vaporization technology, you can modify the temperature and power settings of your vaporizer to the preferred amount of vapour and flavour.

Unlike smoking, vaporization offers marijuana users with a better and good taste as it retains the flavours of the herbs. In addition to that, it is cost effective because you will use less cannabis for a pleasing effect. For sure, you will get the finest experience.