cannabis candyIf you’re looking for a tasty alternative to smoking or vaping marijuana these potent and lab-tested edibles are worth trying.

Edibles have become one of the more popular ways of consuming cannabis in forms such as brownies, gummies, chocolates, hard candies and even drinks.

Typically edibles are made through two different processes which include using either cannabis oil or
cannabis butter.

Edibles can also be made using extracts such as tinctures by adding a drop or two to recipes or baked goods. Using tinctures is one method to make sure you know exactly how much THC is in your edible.

1. Jelly Bombs

Jelly Bombs by Twisted Extracts are delicious lego-brick shaped edibles which can provide potent medical effects. They are excellent in aiding with stress and pain relief and can keep you energized throughout the day.

These delicious cannabis nibs come in 4 different flavors including cherry, orange, mango and apple. Each package comes with approximately 80 mg of THC which is sufficient for 8 doses at 10mg each.

2. Noble Extracts THC Gummy Bears

THC Gummy Bears by Noble Extracts include 15 medicated gummies per pack. Each Bear has 5mg of THC which allow any user a better control over their edible experience.

This product was created for medicinal use and should be consumed in moderation. First time users should wait at least 1 hour before consuming any additional gummy bears.

These THC Gummy Bears help with anxiety, appetite, chronic pain, insomnia, nausea and stress. The effects of taking these cannabis edibles include the feeling of happiness, hunger, relaxation and sleepiness.

3. Chocolate Fudge Brownie 400mg

Who doesn’t love chocolate? The Chocolate Fudge Brownie by Baked Edibles was voted by consumers in the Best Edibles Canada West and came 3rd in 2017.

This classic and delicous brownie is one of the most popular products among marijuana users as these high strength brownies provide body balancing and uplifting effects. This medicinal pot brownie contains 400 mg of THC extract which is quite a lot.

Baked Edibles Fudge Brownies are baked in a Health Inspector approved facility and tested at a Health Canada certified lab.

4. Mota BHO Bots (240MG THC)

These Bhobots are made for those who require very high levels of medication in a simple, discreet hard candy. Despite their space invader demeanour, these Bhobots are actually sweet and comforting. Each Bhobot is perfectly infused with a high dose of 120mg pure THC, extracted from the finest cannabis. Package comes with two Bhobots for a total of 240mg THC. Now made with THC Distillate.

5. Ed & Bills Watermelons

The cannabis edibles are soft, sweet and sour chewy goodness comes in a variety of 200mg options boasting with flavour & consistency. These edibles provide great value and satisfaction.

Just like your favourite classic 5-cent candies from the candy aisle, Ed & Bills Watermelon Slices are dosed with THC. Be-careful, these gummy candies taste so good it’s hard to notice the 10mg of active THC.

6. Coconut Dreamy Bars – 150mg THC

Sweet Jane has become a popular brand in cannabis edibles in Canada and the chocolate dreamy bars is a great alternative for those who don’t want to smoke their medicine. They are safe pharmaceutical grade marijuana edibles.

These chocolately edible bars provide 150mg (75mg of THC and 7mg of CBD per pack). These edible typically last anywhere from 3-6 hours. First time users should only use a portion of these cookies and wait 2 hours.

7. Medicated Hazelnut Crunch Cannabar

The Hazelnut Crunch Cannabars by Baked Edibles are high quality chocolate edibles which are mixed with hazelnut pieces.

These mouth-watering chocolates offer a body-balancing with mentally uplifing effects. Each Hazelnut Crunch Cannabar includes 150mg THC per bar.

8. Buzzy Peaches (Exotica Farms)

Who doesn’t love the popular candy fuzzy peaches? These Medicated Fuzzy peaches provide 25mg per piece of sativa goodness to give you an edible body high.

Exotica Farms presents a tasty alternative to medicating, with their line of vegan friendly gummy candies. One pack of these candies contains 6 pieces of Buzzy Peaches gummies, covered in a sour sugar to give a little bit of an acidic kick. Taste the difference quality can make.

THC Content: 25mg per piece/150mg per package

9. Medicated Sour Gummy Drops

These marijuana infused gummy drops one of the hottest in edibles provided by Sunshower. They come in 5 delicious flavors including raspberry, blackberry, green apple, mango tangerine and pineapple.

Each of these cannabis gummies includes 5mg of THC and 75mg total per bottle. These edibles are made with real fruits and essential oils and flavor extracts.

10. JetPack by Flyte Concentrates

JetPacks by Flyte Concentrates are a convenient new way to medicate on the go! These JetPacks by Flyte Concentrates are one of the most innovative products available on the market in terms of cannabis infused beverages or edibles. This new, convenient way to medicate is great for anyone that is on-the-go, or anyone who is simply looking for a more discreet way to medicate throughout the day.

Each JetPack “snap-pack” contains 10ml of an infused concentrated beverage containing either 10ml of CBD or THC which can be diluted into your favourite refreshing beverage.