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Weed List provides a large selection of top quality CBD products in Canada. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is quickly becoming a popular alternative to over-the-counter drugs in both the medical and holistic community. It can treat a wide range of ailments and provides amazing results. CBD comes in many forms including edibles, oils, tinctures, capsules and vape juice.


Weed List provides mail order marijuana to the following provinces in Canada including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut.

With over 2000+ products, Weed List has has the largest selection on mail order marijuana. Search, compare and buy weed online easily & securely through credible partner websites.

Our catalogue contains medical marijuana and other cannabis products such as edibles, hash, seeds, phoenix tears, tinctures, capsules, vapes, growing equipment and more. Get reliable and discreet delivery right to your doorstep.


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More than half the Canadian population has some sort of skin condition such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It's been well known that cigarette smoking can damage the skin, however can marijuana actually help treat major skin conditions however ingesting smoke can also include unwanted carcinogens. There are other alternatives to consuming cannabis which are healthier such as vaping, edibles and concentrates such as tinctures and oils. Several topical treatments can also purchased online that can be applied directly to the skin without getting "high". Many cannabis skin care products include cannabis oil and infused with cannabis compounds such as CBD and THC have been known to treat common skin conditions effectively. Cannabis Oil Cannabis oil which can be derived from hemp is rich in essential fatty acids and [...]

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10 Marijuana Vaporizers Worth Every Cent

Using a vaporizer is a technique for avoiding irritating respiratory toxins in marijuana smoke by heating cannabis to a temperature where the psychoactive ingredients evaporate without causing combustion. Like tobacco, marijuana smoke contains toxins that are known to be hazardous to the respiratory system. These toxins are essentially a byproduct of combustion, separate from the pharmaceutically active components of marijuana, known as cannabinoids, which include THC. Cannabis vaporizers are designed to let users inhale active cannabinoids while avoiding harmful smoke toxins. They do so by heating cannabis to a temperature of 180 - 200° C (356° - 392° F), just below the point of combustion where smoke is produced. At this point, THC and other medically active cannabinoids are emitted with little or none of the carcinogenic tars and noxious gases found in smoke. Many medical marijuana patients who find smoked marijuana highly [...]

What is Shatter?

Shatter is among the most popular of the concentrates which is a glassy substance that resembles sap which is also one of its nicknames. Cannabis concentrates or dabs are a growing trend in the marijuana industry. There are a variety of different forms of concentrates including wax, budder, resin, oil and shatter. Each has its own consistency however shatter provides the highest potency. The reason why concentrates have become so popular is because you can get a lot of bang for our buck considering some extracts can yield up to 80% cannabinoid content which is perfect for pot smokers looking to get a stronger high. When shatter is cooled into a glassy sheet and dropped it shatters, which is where the nickname "shatter" is derived from. This solvent based cannabis [...]

Which Cannabis Strain is Right for you?

Cannabis strains on Weed List are broken down into 3 categories: Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. Indica and Sativa are the two main types when classifying medical marijuana strains and are used in combination to make up hybrid strains.

It’s important to know the key differences of each marijuana strain before you buy weed online in Canada.


This cannabis strain provides a more sedating effect and calming feeling. This is why it’s synonymous with the term “In Da Couch”. If you’re looking for weed that is likely to provide you a relaxing feeling this is the strain for you. India has also been known to help with ailments such as aches and pains as well as effective in helping those suffering from multiple sclerosis, parkinsons and fibromyalgia.

  • Body high
  • Sleep aid
  • Pain relief
  • Appetite stimulant
  • Increased mental relaxation
  • Stress & anxiety relief
  • Decrease nausea


The Sativa cannabis strain provides a more energetic and uplifting effect which is why it’s commonly known as the “daytime smoke”. It provides a cerebral high that is great for social gatherings, creativity and social gatherings. Sativa is beneficial for those suffering from behavioural problems such as depression, stress and ADHD.

  • Head high
  • Increases focus & creativity
  • Anti-anxiety and anti-depressant
  • Treats chronic pain
  • Increases energy
  • Uplifting & euphoric
  • Daytime use


This is a combination of both Indica or Sativa. Depending on which strain is dominant will determine the medicinal marijuana effects. The combination in hybrid strains are created through the breeding process that maintain aspects of it’s parent strains and provide the best qualities from derived strains with the least unwanted effects. This is why hybrid strains are extremely popular today. The most popular hybrid strains include:

  • Haze
  • Kush
  • Northern Lights
  • Skunk