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Cannacooking History

It's quite surprising to know that the use of marijuana has quite a long and illustrious history when it comes to cannabis edibles. Many anti-marijuana “activists” might have you believe that cannabis-use — especially when it comes to things like “pot brownies” and “weed cookies” — is a vice limited to hippies, deadbeats or liberal-arts college kids; yet some of the world’s oldest — and some would argue most successful — cultures have a rich history filled with smoking and cooking cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use. Cannacooking is certainly nothing new. Cannabis circa China, 4500 BCE Most historians will agree that the first evidence of wide-spread use of cannabis comes from China — about 6,500 years ago in fact. The Yang-Shao (the oldest known Neolithic culture in China) [...]

Marijuana Tea Recipe

Marijuana Tea or cannabis tea as it is also referred to is a great way to medicate and a nice alternative to smoking marijuana. This cannabis tea recipe has to be one of the easiest marijuana recipes to follow. You don’t need a whole heap of ingredients or kitchen utensils to make this cannabis recipe. Hot water, a tea bag and the most important ingredient, the herb are literally all you need. The cannabis tea recipe is a great recipe to know if you don’t like to smoke marijuana. It allows you to medicate easily, benefiting from the medicinal effects marijuana has on a variety of symptoms. Try these easy to follow steps for a simple yet effective recipe. YOU WILL NEED: 1. Marijuana (1 gram or more) 2. Measuring [...]

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Understanding The Different Types Of Cannabis Seeds

There are potentially thousands of different types of cannabis seeds from and this number is constantly growing. At a high level, seeds can be classified based on specification such as strain, growing environment and growth type. There are two main strain types: Indica The indica strain is typically consumed for medicinal purposes and typically have a profile of low THC and high CBD content. Indica is a perfect strain in aiding those suffering from depression and anxiety. Sativa The sativa strain contains high THC and low CBD making it ideal for those suffering from chronic pain. What are the 3 main cannabis seeds by growth types? 1) Regular Cannabis Seeds When purchasing regular seeds they can be both male and female. The are the ones that most people tend to [...]